Executive and General

Normally one-to-one coaching this can be in any area of executive management, and will help you to think strategically and communicate strategy to your colleagues.  There is a revolution in coaching with many companies realising their top people need a coach.  Using the integrative approach, typical areas covered here would be

  • Strategy, competitive landscape, competitive analysis, people, marketing, finance and tools and techniques to enable clear thought and decisive, well-formed action plans
  • Senior teams and their role in the organisation
  • Individual/self-development
  • Defining and communicating clear mission and execution plans
  • It can also be lonely at the top.  Who does the executive talk to, who provides them with feedback?  The coach provides this service, and acts as a barometer for the executive to ‘sanity check’ their thinking



Technical managers are often appointed with no previous management experience and are then expected to pick up the new role, whilst being swamped by the mass of new data they are trying to assimilate. Castaway’s integrative approach enables technical managers to see through the fog and prioritise what they need to look at to be of best service to the organisation.


Change Management

Change management is complex and can be hard to achieve.  We will work with you through clearly defining the outcome required and the route to it, barriers to change and ways to push through, get round or eliminate them.  We will support leaders and their teams through the change and to cope with the uncertainty that inevitably comes with change.


Business Transition

Your business is changing rapidly?  Either expanding, contracting, or you’ve just received a big order - you have a lot to think about. Our experience in right sizing and right skilling organisations as well as organisational design, coupled with an integrative coaching approach, will give you the space to prioritise and understand what changes need to be made and how to go about making them. We will work with managers and people to ensure they are adequately prepared for the process of change and how to implement that change with the utmost of integrity in a transparent manner, while dealing with the stress that change often brings with it. 


Process Coaching

New product delivery and development is a complex area, with multi-disciplined teams interacting often with slightly different priorities. We will coach your managers/teams and individuals through relevant governance and development processes. Including implementation of changes in the development process – with special emphasis on the software Agile/Scrum process.