EVERY person matters, how often do you say that your people (including you) are your most important resource?  Stop! Look around your organisation.  Everyone is working to make it happen, every one contributes to your business, and wouldn’t it be great if your organisation, worked in harmony and knew what it knew.  


You know that you and your people are your company’s most valuable asset, but somehow the organisation doesn’t quite fit together as it should – it should be more efficient, faster, happier, and clearer yet you still get surprises.  How many time have you found the IT department to be almost opaque, and have the IT department say the same about other departments?  All of these issues are related to your people. Your People are your most valuable asset, yet few companies ever truly invest in those people – sure we invest in technical courses, but as you know studies show there is limited benefit to the company after attending courses, because people return to the stresses and strains of their normal working lives and don’t have time to implement what they’ve learned and quickly forget what’s new and go back to ‘normal.’


What is it to really invest in our people?  How do you get your people to achieve their best, to work along instead of across, work together instead of apart, to have our people give us that competitive edge?  Whether it is tools, process, people (individual, teams, or organisational) Castaway Consulting can help.  We work with you to develop approaches and solutions that are focussed on you and your company, anything from aligning IT and release to market plans, helping with performance management and motivation, right skilling the organisation, implementation of change and development processes, clearing individual blocks and behaviours, all geared to you and what you want to achieve. All geared towards making the invisible visible, so you’ll know what you know, and will be able to act in a timely manner.


Our vision for you is that Castaway Consultants is a catalyst through which you gain the capability to

  • Operate with mutual respect and in a grown up way.  

  • Surprises are not blames – there is no failure only actionable feedback

  • Behaviours are viewed from a positive perspective

  • Flexibility is a consistent behaviour

  • Challenges are given and received in a respectful way

  • Predictability, accountability and quality are seen as benchmarks

  • Politics is the way things are done not the way points are scored

You will experience:

  • Engagement at a deep and meaningful level which is relevant to you.

  • Time to reflect and to form action plans on that reflection

  • Taking personal responsibility for own career development and growth

  • Success criteria formulated by you for you

  • Reviews

    • Initial contracting

    • mid-point review

    • end-point comparison to initial criteria

    • review of progress 6 months after engagement

It costs you nothing to find out more:  

Call:  07767 839633

Email:  tam.lundie@castawayconsultants.co.uk

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