We believe that the individual being coached is the person who is in control of the coaching and that congruence and ecology is of vital if people and organisations are to perform at their best.  Because of this we have an integrative approach to coaching that is flexible and adaptable to whatever the individual or organisation needs.  We work with you to define the best balance and actions and then to come up with an action plan that is within your control and you can implement.

Integrative Approach

As part of the integrative approach awareness is created along the four categories shown in the diagram above and outlined below:


  1. Awareness of Context: what is situation in which this coaching is happening – what is the reality being experienced by the organisation, team, or individual.

  2. Awareness of the Individual:  what are the individual’s knowledge, beliefs, capabilities, skills, values and how do these influence their perception of the situation, motivation and engagement, and how does the individual take what he/she already knows and successfully apply it to new areas and problems.

  3. Awareness of Group:  (Family, friends, work team etc). What is the composition of the group, motivation, how do we coordinate etc.

  4. Things to do:  what is on our list of things to be done (deliveries at work, drive the kids to school etc.)


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