Coaching for Success

Set in the heart of England on the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire border, and concentrating in the technology sector Castaway Consultants’ Ltd mission is to work with you to enable growth of your organisation and individuals. Using our unique blend of business, technology, financial, people and coaching experience as well as the ability to quickly build rapport and connect to people and business, regardless of background or experience, we can help you transform your performance and develop the behaviours and capabilities that will enable full realisation of the potential of individuals, teams and organisations.


Management & Leadership

The best sportspeople in the world have coaches, so should the best managers and leaders. For all aspects of management and process our integrative approach will enable you to create fast, implementable, well-formed decisions that enable your best people excel in what they do.

Team Management & Development

Running and leading teams is at the heart of business and a life, and is now a vital skill and capability for the individual and the organisation. We will work with you to provide insights that give you actionable plans to build high performing teams and team leaders

Team-Building Events

These though are not the usual day out Karting. Whether a new, or an existing, team we work with you to define the outcomes of team building that are the best thing for the team and then design bespoke, immersive team building events around those outcomes.

Career Coaching

Our relationship with our career really matters. At Castaway Consultants we’ll help you to discover your relationship with your career and what you really want to do and then plan for and act on that to achieve your desired outcomes.

One-to-One Individual

We live in such a busy world and lead lives with increasing stress that we often forget about ourselves or the individual needs of the people in our organisations. One-to-one coaching is the opportunity to do just that, invest in ourselves or our organisations people and to increase our levels of performance and satisfaction: whether personal or as part of a larger group.

It always seems impossible, until it's done

Nelson Mandela